Bibliography and Acknowledgements

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Women in the House of Fiction: Post-War Women Novelists, by Lorna Sage

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The Cambridge Guide to Women's Writing in English, edited by Lorna Sage


Glimpse of Lorna Sage Archive - Literary Criticism and Journalism

Sharon Tolaini-Sage and Victor Sage on Lorna

Lorna Sage: Bibliography

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The Cambridge Guide to Women’s Writing in English. (Editor)  (Cambridge University Press) 1999

Bad Blood Fourth Estate, A division of Harper Collins (2000)

Posthumous Publications:

Moments of Truth: Twelve Twentieth-Century Women Writers (Fourth Estate, A division of Harper Collins) 2001

Good As Her Word: Selected Journalism Edited by Sharon Sage and Victor Sage (Fourth Estate, A division of Harper Collins) 2003

The Lorna Sage Archive

UEA is honoured to host the incredible Lorna Sage Archive within the British Archive for Contemporary Writing (UEA) on Floor 02 of UEA Library. Click here to read more about the collection and how to arrange an appointment to visit in person. Visting Fellowships  are available to those wishing to study our archive material with a view to further research. 


Thank you to Justine Mann and Bridget Gillies who have been tireless in supporting the exhibition project from its beginnings through all of the challenges involved in bringing it to life online. To UEA, and all the publishers who kindly gave permissions to reproduce printed materials in the exhibition. To my father Victor Sage, for his generosity in providing his insights about Lorna’s life as a student, and for offering Dad levels of encouragement. To Val Striker, whose support at UEA was invaluable to Lorna. To Faith Evans, Lorna’s literary agent, for being so pivotal to Bad Blood’s publishing story, and for always being on hand to provide her wisdom and experience. To Nicholas Pearson and Fourth Estate for their continuing support of Lorna’s work, and by extension, of me. To Gemma Elnaugh and Jake Montanarini for their generosity and technical help. To my inspirational daughter, Lorna’s granddaughter, Olivia, for her spirit, intelligence and magic. To Giancarlo, per incoraggiamento perpetuo. STS, December 2021

Bibliography & Acknowledgements