Lorna Sage and Bad Blood: An Exhibition

Lorna Sage Montage of Bad Blood Cover Image 3 Dec 2021.jpg

This exhibition marks the coming of age of Bad Blood, from its first publication to its latest incarnation, a new paperback edition, twenty one years on. The book has been contextualised with images and curiosities – but also by looking at the life Lorna lived as an Academic, a Journalist, and always the Writer, always the Reader. Lorna ends Bad Blood with the promise of launching herself into another life, not imposed, but invented, and the exhibition aims to shed some light on that multilayered life.

It has been my privilege to curate the exhibition, with the boundless encouragement and support of Justine Mann and Bridget Gillies, of University of East Anglia's Archives and Special Collections, where the Lorna Sage Archive is held. I have written about some of the thoughts behind ‘curation’ that informed the collection in Hinterland Magazine (hinterlandnonfiction.com)... Read the Exhibition Curator's Guide in full here

Curator: Sharon Tolaini-Sage (daughter of Lorna Sage)

Created in partnership with the British Archive for Contemporary Writing at the University of East Anglia (UEA) 

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