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The Sages Take Up Literature Inv 5751 small.jpg
Newcastle Journal [?] October? 1961
Grandpa and Valma Inv 5735 recto.jpg
Unknown 1940
Deans of the UEA 1996.jpg
University of East Anglia Archives. All rights reserved. 1996
Victor Sage.jpg
Vic Sage; Sharon Tolaini-Sage 7 November 2021
Inventory XXXX.jpg
Valma or Eric Stockton? 1944?
Inventory 22 recto.jpg
Unknown 1949?
Inventory 15.jpg
Clarograph Photos 1946 or 1947?
Inventory number 45 Star Trek Notebook Cover.jpg
Lorna Sage 199-?
Lorna Sage with Angela Carter.jpg
University of East Anglia 198?
Inv 11 Studio portrait of Valma.jpg
A. J. Crosse, Whitchurch, Salop 194?
Inv 44 1933 Diary Front Cover.jpg
Lorna's grandfather 1933
Inv 38 Photo Album - Lorna and Sharon.jpg
Victor Sage 1963?
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